Custom Software Development

Knapp Consulting Inc.

For many companies, a majority of their Management Information System and Process System needs can be met with existing packaged software. However, organizations also have features which distinquish them from their peers. This is what makes them unique and therefore competitive, and custom software, hardware and/or processes are often required to express and/or manage those features.

KCI recognises that we provide our services into your culture, and so we have learned to adopt a balance of development environments and processes, and put the client's usual tools and processes first.
Development Projects
Development Tools
Listed below is a sampling of the languages and development environments KCI has used in projects. KCI staff will acquire skills in new languages technologies as required by the client environment and/or project.

.Net: (C#, VB) for communcations, services, management systems, applications, web development
Assembler: Micro-processor, System on a Chip, mini-computer, mainframe (IBM 360,370) for OS and device driver development
APL: for financial, personnel budgeting, Income Tax, data analysis, statistical analysis
Basic: communications, embedded systems, epidemiology modelling
C,C++: communications, information processing, device drivers
Cobol: for financial, information transfer
Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere, ODBC/ADO/ADODB
dBase: and variants (Clipper, FoxPro) for management information systems
Fortran: for data analysis, budgeting system
Forth: epidemiology modeling
Java: communications
JavaScript: web development
PowerBuilder: management information systems, applications (Bylaw management), servers (continuing education)
Revelation (Pick variant): management information systems, conference planning and management
Snobol: for written language analysis and dictionary generation
Visual Basic/C/Foxpro: commuications, MIS systems, applications, servers
VBScript: Office automation, web development
XCode/Objective C: iPhone/iPad development
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